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Team-Forming Discussion

For most of Spring 2000 Project Milestones you will need to be part of a team. Use this page to advertise your team and to find members/partners.

Hi, I am a CS2340 TA. I am looking for some other
team members. If you want to join me, put your name
below... (yeah right)
Dean Mao

team of three looking to add a fourth to their
merry band of squeakers. if you are interested
email the clock is ticking.

fun loving goup iso swf as
4th team member. non-smoker
preferred. must enjoy dancing,
squeak, trips to the beach,
and UML. contact
if interested.

(come one guys... at least be a
little bit creative)

This is our team
Squeaking Loudly
Byron Thibodeaux gt0331d
Chris Spears gte914e
Mike Yunis gte205e
Jennifer Raccuglia gte285k

swf seeking intellectually
stimulating team to be on,
must like horses :)
Jacqueline Walker

I'm looking for a team too.
I'm thinking a team with either 2 or 3 people.
Ayyabb d'Uz gte712h

Squeak Times:

Our Team is Looking for one or two new members
Jeff gte267j
Chris Nielsen gte352j

I need to join a team fast.
David Besharat

Looking for a team to join or create please.
Sumit Goel

Team Name: Beanbag Spies
Rob Williams
Kyle Randolph
Jeffrey Colson

Queen Gigabyte and The Gundogs
Victoria Smith
Matt Hayllar
Brandon Berg

Aaron Baughman
Harper Maddox
Trent Roche
Max Speyer

The God Object
Chad VanWie
Neil Devgon
Adam Bryant
Patrick Reyes

The Morphers group
Galina Yeremenchuk
Nick Michalko
Albert Urshansky

The CatLover
Sungho Yoo
Seokjoon You
Hyun-Chul Lee
Shin Woo

Cult of Cactaur
Adam Gershowitz
David Jaggie
Brian Smith

Plug This
Kapil Chandra
Peter Tsai
Cheyenne Throckmorton
Albert Wolchesky

Undefined Object
Michael Dorsey Jr.
Chris Moss
Eric Mungai
Charles West

Da Funk
Michael Emard
Michelle Burnett
Todd Matthews
Steve Tharayil

Order of the High Templar

Ryan Blane
matt keelan
Caleb Ho
Austin Chau


Irfan Ahmed
Rajib Quayum
Anup Rao

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