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Pest Control

Welcome to Pest Control Page


This is Pest Control main page, which guides future students to design, analyze, and program an OO language called Squeak. Squeak is based on Smalltalk. In Squeak everything is an object and Squeak uses Virtual Machine just like Java so the little mouse is actually portable. That is a bit intro about Squeak. We hope that our cases that are listed and explained here may help you design and produce Squeak code. Enjoy your Squeaking days!!

Program Description

In Spring 2003, our project was to create a financial system such as Yahoo Finance. We call our financial system 'Squeaken'. Squeaken adds users to its system and authorizes those users as they logging in to Squeaken.

Within the application, users may create accounts, portfolios, arrange those accounts in a portfolio or lost of profolios. Squeaken also has the abilities to perform transactions for each account type. As the project requirements grew, Squeaken needs to have the ability to access the web and update stock prices based on their symbols.

Before the last Milestone, Squeaken access is limited to running Squeak application and popping the Squeaken GUI. On the last Milestone, Squeaken connects to a local host server so that a user may actually login to the system from the Web. This project was divided to 7 Milestones. Here is some specs starting from Milestone 3 to Milestone 7.

Pest Control Case Studies

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