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Team 6

Milestone 3 was, for most in our group, our first plunge into design. This inexperience showed in a number of our decisions. For example, the design of our user interface was originally a handful of independent classes. This made sense at the time, since we visualized each page of the GUI as being a separate entity, each with their own functions and purpose. As we found out later, this does not work so well in Squeak, nor is it very practical. Some other decisions, such having a middle man class to do a lot of the communicating between networking and graphical functions and the model were later cut because we found that they were not sound design decisions. However, we initially chose them because it seemed like a more logical choice. How else would the separate parts communicate with each other?

Our group did make good decisions. Our experience with a lot of basic Squeak features showed in this area. A user would obviously have a list of portfolios, and each portfolio would have accounts and stock portfolios. Each type of account would inherit from an abstract account which would have the basic functionality that all account types would need. This included knowing the account name, number, and returning transaction reports.

We thought that it would be best for all of the group members to present their thoughts on our design; mostly what they would have done differently. An important part of working in teams is to have each group member express their ideas about the decisions for the project. And this is perhaps some of the most important advice for future students to heed.

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