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Team Squeaky

Team Squeaky




Squeak is a rather unique environment, to put it euphemistically, and you must embrace it early on in the semester or its creepy animated mouse morph will haunt you in your dreams for many a fortnight.

The Assignment

Rip off Quicken using Squeak Create a personal finance manager in Squeak. Make it buzzword-compliant using acronyms such as XML, HTTP, SQL. Dub it "Squeaken" in a moment of glorious originality.

Table of Contents

Chapters 1 & 2: This Shall Be a Piece of Cake! or, Building a simple core framework.
Chapter 3: What on Earth is Wrong With Visio? or, Create a UML diagram, CRC cards, scenarios, etc.
Chapter 4: On Coping With Evil or, Make a GUI with Morphic.
Chapter 5: SqueakMap, Your Savior or, Web-enabling and XML data storage.
Chapter 6: An Interrogation or, Integrating an SQL-like query language.
Chapter 7: Showing Your Assets to the Public or, Create a web interface to Squeaken.

Appendix A: UML Diagram and Project Code


I know this is really cheesy. Sorry!

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