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Squeezy fo' Sheezy my Dele-squizzle

Group Members
 Christian Schroeder - GT Football Kicker
 Zach Shay - GT Varsity Cheerleader
 Erich Luedtke - Wannabe Rock Star
 Erik Derenne - Milwalkian guy in a Frat

Tip: Our group was awsome, if you can get in a group with a cheerleader it helps keep hopes up for long nights at the CoC.
Uploaded Image: ourlogo.jpg

Purpose of this Project
Uploaded Image: squeaken.jpgThe purpose of this project was to create financial management software similar to the program named Quicken. Hence, the program’s name of Squeaken. The project was divided into seven milestones that built upon each other to increase the functionality of our Squeaken program. Also, along the way, we were required to keep an updated design plan, so our group was always headed in the right direction.

Check out the Project Specs

Download all our final code (requires: SIXX & SMACC get them off your SqueakMap)

Tips and Tricks on Integration in Squeakby Erich Luedtke
We finally figured out how to program in Squeak and save the finished work in separate images. Then, we integrated our individual code that was programmed on separate computers. We had no clue at first of what to do, but by the final milestone seven, M7, we had mastered the technique. It was all in the planning.

Go to Integration Tips for Squeak Group Programming learn from us gurus and save yourself some sleep.

GUI Time in Squeakby Christian Schroeder
At first, we had a difficult time displaying morphs. We downloaded squeak morphs created by elementary school kids. There efforts were superior to our level of understanding such that it made us feel inferior, even to second graders. After a while though, we got the hang of it. There are many different ways to go about making GUIs in Squeak. Unfortunately, documentation is lacking.

Don't be intimidated by second graders. Check out The GUI Corner.

Webpages and WebServers OMG!by Christian Schroeder
Web based interfaces posed similar problems to that of creating the Squeak morph UI environment. Documentation, again, could not be located.

Where does one start? Well eventually, we figured it all out by hacking into the code of the Swiki, wiki wiki web. Do not use this approach. Use the Comanche plug-in libraries instead.

We will give you a quick run down on how it all works, so you too can be Serving up Webpages Hot in Squeak.

SqueakMap is Cool / How to Save Timeby Zach Shay
Without SqueakMap, coding squeak would be intolerable. This wonderful idea puts almost everything that can possibly be useful into one area where all coders can take advantage of the work of others. This is why SqueakMap is the “Master of the Universe”.

check out SqueakMap - the Master of the Universe

T-gen Screwed us Over use Smaccby Erich Luedtke
We used T-gen trying to implement queries in milestone six, M6. It seemed that after we had parsed our query that we then had to parse the output of T-gen. It was a huge hassle, wasting many hours, and we ended up getting 2 points out of fifty in the project for program functionality.

Don't get screwed, Don't use T-gen use Smacc

Hints to make sure your Squeak experience is enjoyableby Erik Derenne
  • Make sure you play around with the Squeak language and the Squeak environment early in the semester. This will save time for project completion when time is at a premium.
  • Meet with your group early and often. Failure to do this could result in long nights at the CoC with incomplete results.
  • Remember ‘ABS’ – Always Be Saving. The last thing you want after hours of good, hard coding is for your computer to crash and to have all of your code disappear.
  • At least one group member must have access to a car. This way, the group can recharge at the Waffle House during the wee hours of the morning.
  • Once you have a good design plan, stick with it. Also, don’t be afraid to get to know your TA and ask for help often. TA’s really are a good resource.
  • Don’t get behind in your milestones!! The milestones build upon each other to make one huge project. Getting behind in a milestone means double the work for the next one.
  • Finally, utilize code available on the web. Why waste time writing code for a method that has already been written? Use that extra time to improve the usability of the program.

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