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Big and Tasty

Team Members:

Brandon Aldridge - gte877n

Ryan Cramer - gtg351b

Robert Miller gte693p

Chelsea Thompson - gtg560b

Team Rules

Do your Work
Practice Open Communication
Give Constructive Feedback
Share Information

Team Responsibilities

Each member of Big and Tasty will contribute to the development and
progress of the total 2340 project as described on the project
plan. The project plan will be completed via an iterative process
which includes development of individual tasks and documents,
followed by feedback from group members, testing by group members
and TA feedback.

Distribution of Project Work is accessible through the Project
Plan. These responsibilities are subject to change per group


We found the design and documentation process in this class useful
in organizing our project, distributing tasks agmonst members and
maintaining a focus for completion of our Milestones. We developed
Testing Plans (which evolved with every Milestone), a Team Project
Plan (With Divided Tasks Agmonst Members and provided a focus to
each developmental task) in addition to a UML diagram, CRC cards,
Scenarios, etc.

Big and Tasty Project Planning

Big and Tasty UML Class Diagram

Big and Tasty Class Descriptions

Big and Tasty Scenarios

Please View our Cases for Support and Information on our development
and design process.

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