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Squeak Turth

Squeak Truty


Shawkat Kabbara
Paul Favorov
Daniel Fernandez
Donald Ali

Project Objective and Description:

Write a Financial Management System using squeak that would manage your finances. It would be very similar to the ttp:// money manager tool. The project was divided into seven Milestones.

M1: Create a basic set of accounts
M2: Handle multiple users and portfolios, Create basic GUI
M3: Design System
M4: User Interface Design and Implementation
M5: Monitor/Track stock activity from Web
M6: Handle basic queries on system
M7: Web-Enable the application

Design The System:

Always keep the big picture in place. Think ahead and always ask what if.


Group Problems:

Keep the communication in place, try to meet often and set a schedule that you will actually follow.

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