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Holy Squeak!

Holy Squeak! Case Page

Group members:

Naveen Dittakavi (
Ankur Kalra (
Jason Parekh (
Daag Alemayehu (

The project was to build a web-enabled financial program similar to Intuit's Quicken software. In Spring 2003, each milestone was broken down into clear and concise requirements that our group was able to fully understand and implement.


-Milestone 3
-Milestone 4
-Milestone 5
-Milestone 6

Final Files

Milestone 7 Turnin - The Entire Project

Overall Conclusion and Suggestion for Future Students

The three things to take out of our cases:

Plan, Plan, and Plan! We were very fortunate in the sense that we were warned by previous 2340 students not to take the milestones lightly. We fully grasped what they meant after M2. From M3 onwards we didn't really touch coding until we fully understood what we were going to do and how we were going to tackle it. In your group you'll need people to fulfill certain roles. We had one organizer that was the primary liason to the TA and kept everyone on track and reminded everyone about meetings. We had one Smalltalk guru and two other hard working "give me a task and it's done in an hour" people. The chemistry of this group was perfect. Everyone contributed equally to each milestone. - You should aim for this! Meet often and discuss concepts openly. Plan integration beforehand! Be strict as to what your main function will return that way the other party can prepare for those return values or pass in the proper parameters. Last but not least make sure you commit ample time and meet your deliverables. We never had a problem with this but we definately saw other groups in the CoC arguing if not fighting with each other. That's not too good for morale. Good luck.

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