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Four Guys and a Mouse

Here's our stuff:






Team stuff

If you want your team to succeed, there are some things you really have to do. If you're taking 2335 concurrently, take into consideration what you're doing in there and try it out! IT WORKS!!!!! There's nothing bad about meeting for exactly 30 minutes and/or having a stand-up meeting. We promise, it helps quite a bit.

Also, you might want to consider having the same team for 2335 and 2340. We didn't really understand how well our team worked until we broke off into two 2335 groups with different teams. You never know how well you've gelled until you're thrown into a new team.


I think the key to design is having a great TA!

But seriously folks...using the OO design principles can help your project immensely. Encapsulating one basic idea into a single class not only helps to make the code more readable, but it also makes it easier to break the project up amongst the group members. Think seriously about your design and spend a good amount of time discussing the project before you even think about coding. We used a dry erase board to sketch some preliminary class candidates and also for UML and CRC concepts. Also have someone record everything you discuss at each meeting. This will help you to remember where to start for the next meeting and give you something to build upon.


The key to coding is legal plagiarism. We really don't know what half of our code did, but it worked for the previous class, and so we made it work for us. Seriously, Mike likes to start out each topic with a joke.


But seriously, again, look at these Case pages for ideas / solutions to many problems you may have. Some groups have put their heart and soul into a very pretty GUI. So jack that. Feel free to jack "ours". :-D Review your milestone, crank out design responsibilities, and make sure to try and integrate the different components EARLY. Google helps a lot too for squeak issues. Design really is very important when you begin coding, because the project becomes so large that you must have efficient coding for more sleep.


Abstraction is your friend, both in design and in coding. It is much easier to add new objects to your design, especially if you already have something similar to that in your old design. When you write code, if you can abstract out specific portions, you can reuse them in other areas of your project.

Take a break during your coding. Don't wait till the last day to hack out all of your code in an 8-hour coding session. Start out early, and if you get stuck on a part, sleep on it. Keep it on the back of your mind instead of trying to hack out inefficient code. And if you ever lose track of what you are coding, clear your mind and trace your thoughts from the beginning.

Comment your code. It doesn't have to be lots of comments, but these comments will help you later in your project by reminding you of what you did. They are especially helpful when you have to go back to your old code to make changes or to add things.

Write organized code. Organized code helps you better understand your code later when you need to edit them. You should separate your code into chunks so that each particular block does something, whether it be initializing values, a sorting algorithm, etc.

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