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Lab4/Charrette1 - Sp2000

Charette 1

Getting started:
First, you will need to find a partner to work with. Groups of 2
only! If you do not work in a group, points will be deducted from your
grade. If there are an odd number of people in your section, then 1 group of 3 will be permitted. Remember that this is a timed exercise! The more time you spend looking for a partner, the less time you have to work on the assignment.

In this charette you will be creating some animals to play
with. Each animal will have a set of characteristics associated with
it. It is your job to design these animals and implement them.

What to Turnin:
There are 2parts to this assignment: your design and your
code. You will be creating a class diagram. To create the diagram you
can use BOOST or draw one by hand. Note: if you draw one by hand, it MUST be neat and legible. If the TA can't read it, the TA can't grade
it. Before you leave, you MUST give the TA your class diagram and a
printout of your code with the names of the group member on both. If the TA does not receive both of these things, you assignment will be
considered incomplete. Also, you will need to email a copy of your code to CS2340@cc. In the header use C1 for the assignment code. It is only necessary for 1 person in the group to submit the code through email. In addition, please note on your class diagram the name of the person who is turning in the code. That will help the TA's keep the names straight when they assign grades for that part.

We want you to create 4 different animals. They are: Parrot,
Pidgin, Dog, and Cat. Each Animal will need to know its name, color, and habitat. A Parrot will need to know its vocabulary and how to fly and how to talk. A Pidgin will need to know how to eat and how to fly. A Dog will need to know how to run and bark. A Cat will need to know how to run and meow.

Testing Your Code:
Use the following code to test your work.
  "create Animals"
  | pluto sylvester polly george |
  pluto:=Dog new.
  sylvester:=Cat new.
  polly:=Parrot new.
  george:=Pidgeon new.

  "set attributes of each"
  pluto name:'Pluto'.
  pluto color:'tan'.
  pluto habitat:'backyard'.
  sylvester name :'Sylvester'.
  sylvester color:'black & white'.
  sylvester habitat:'alley'.
  polly name :'Polly'.
  polly color:'green'.
  polly habitat:'cage'.
  polly vocabulary :'Polly want a cracker'.
  george name:'George'.
  george color:'greay'.
  george habitat:'park'.

  "make them do something "
  pluto run.
  sylvester run.
  pluto bark.
  sylvester meow.
  polly fly.
  george fly.
  polly talk.
  george eat.

You should see the following on the Transcript:

Pluto runs through the backyard.
Sylvester runs through the alley.
Pluto, the tan dog, barks at something.
Sylvester, the black & white cat, meows at something.
Polly flies through the cage.
George flies through the park.
Polly, the green parrot, says, 'Polly want a cracker'.
George, the grey pidgin, eats bird seed.

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