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Milestone 2: Handle multiple users and portfolios, Create basic GUI

::::: Requirments :::::
Spring 2003 M2: Handle multiple users and portfolios, Create basic GUI

::::: How we went :::::
We should handle multiple users and each user has their own accounts and portfolios which contains each type of accounts. Most of all each account should keep the timestamp. There is a time class and it is easy to keep time whenever transcations.

One of the most difficult part was error handling. whenever error transcation was occured, it stores string array to orderedcolletion.

And I made simple GUI, that shows account information-Name of User, date screen generated, and total net worth- and sort information by descending or acedening order.

::::: What we did :::::
CRC cards.ppt

::::: Screen Shot :::::

Uploaded Image: Milestone2.jpg

::::: Recommand to future students :::::

Do not seat in front of computer and coding first. Think and design first and write down necessary class in the paper. And than implemente the actual classes.

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