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::::: Team name: Untitled :::::

::::: Members of the Team :::::

JungSoo Kim (gtg972d)
Jeffrey Jo (gte099w)
SangHyun Lee (gte182z)
Stephen Congo(gtg650a)

::::: Introduction :::::

Welcome to the Untitled's Cases page. This section is to help you in your future projects. We will provide and presente all the materials that we did in this semester.

There were seven projects and first two projects are individual assignment and last 5 projects were team project. Especially, the Milestone 3 was pure desing project that designs and makes a plan for whole project.

::::: Milestones(Projects) :::::

Milestone 1: Create a basic set of accounts

Milestone 2: Handle multiple users and portfolios, Create basic GUI

Milestone 3: Design System

Milestone 4: User Interface Design and Implementation

Milestone 5: Monitor/Track stock activity from Web

Milestone 6: Handle basic queries on system

Milestone 7: Web-Enable the application

::::: Additional Information :::::

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