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Squeak revisited by a gangster Series

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Hello fellow Squeakers!

I'm Ji Bae of BoboHydro 3000 and would like to share something I learned this semester... hacking. Instead of merely guessing and querying for a method by its blunt nominclature ultimately resulting in what I consider "negative work", do you self a favor by hacking at your will. Please, to your safety, toss that ham in the frying pan like spam. I care. I really do.

The Fix!

So the links below will be of much value to your fame and will definitely enhance your productivity by 3000%. If you are a Squeak publisher, I would strongly encourage you to steal my stuff and give me a chapter my name in the index.


Have a seat and consider the following:
ListMorph - revisited by a gangster
PieChartMorph Tutorial
PlotMorph Tutorial: 


Self serve!

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