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3 Russians and a Pakistani

Group Members:

Jamal Ashraf
Pavel Kremer
Vitaly Parnas
Max Blinder

The purpose of this project was to create a financial application called Squeaken similar the one such as Quicken. The application provides functionalities such as managing users, portfolios, accounts, updating stock information, displaying performance graphs, providing a simplified query language, a built in web interface, and more.
A few advices for future squeakers:
Reusing already written code is the way to go in squeak in many cases. Before starting writing something, think if it could be already written, and if it could, then try to find it! There is a lot of build in functionality, and there is a lot of other open source code available out there. I wish we reused more of the code, it would have saved us more time.
Unfortunately, there is nothing like Squeak API or any other kind of decent documentation, so just try to dig through the existent code, use squeak map and Explorer to help you find stuff.
A really cool tool in squeak is the debugger. It provides a nice error stack trace, and you can edit and fix your code right there, in the debugger.
Another advice would be to use some kind of file sharing/version control software, such as CVS. It will save you a lot of time and worries. Save your code as often as possible and upload it on CVS or whatever software you'll be using. You might find it especially useful if your Squeak starts going nuts, you try to file out while you still can - just to find out that your .st was just overriden with 214 bytes of some bytecode (that's what happened to us once)!
But even if you have not been saving your information for a long time, there is still a way to recover you information - check out the changes set. It is another great feature of Squeak, which keeps track of all the changes ever made.
Here's our final code: squeaken.cs
Our code runs on v3.2.1 and it needs squeak map.
Here's the uml as of the last milestone to our lovely design: uml #2

M5 - SIXX Tutorial
M7: Web Interface

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