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Specific Tutorial and Example Hub

Aris Vlasakakis has bequeathed the world with a bit of his inspiration, and his desire for extra credit in this lovely class.

Looking for some good links that show you how to use that technology for your current Milestone? Don't waste your time browsing: just bang your mouse mightily upon these hyperlinks, and verily ye shall be drenched by the deluge of useful knowledge that rains upon thee like little digital droplets.

Linked are internel swiki pages created by your fellow CS Majors who already solved your problem and are willing to enlighten you with their little candle on the internet. Furthermore, external pages are linked whenever they tend to be a fairly good resource for the blithe striking force of education.

Learning the Squeak IDE and Smalltalk

You'll never look back at MS Visual C++ ever again. Go pat your local Squeaker on the back.
An Introduction to the Squeak World
Diving in to Smalltalk
SmallTalk Tutorial for Java Programmers!
Learning Squeak
Squeak Smalltalk: Language Reference

Parsing Grammars:

SmaCC, T-Gen, HTML: Smack these Turing-complete languages around and make them do your bidding.
Donated By Intel
Monkeys with Vertigo
The Vacuum Beatin' Muthaz
Organized Konfusion
Damn Yankees
Smacc Tutorial
HTML parsing in squeak

Squeak 3D

If only you're so lucky as to play with this.

FANTA 3d presentation
ANTS 3D presentation
Under Construction

Squeak Morphs!

This isn't Swing anymore. I bet you wish it were.
ListMorph tutorial
The CS Majors
works well with others
Team Kleene Star
Three Blind Mice
Shafted Krispy Kreme
The Morphers
Yellow #5
New BadgeMorphTutorial
Squeak Morph Classes Guide
Introducing Morphic
Ye Yan's Prefab Tutorial


Realize the power of touching somebody else's data and pretending it's your own.
Bobo Hydro 3000 (Brilliant! Highly recommended)
Some Japanese Country
General Motors SqUeAkIzOiDZ
Organized Konfusion

Serializing data to disk:

It's more healthful than a bowl of Special K, and guaranteed not to throw you in a K-Hole.
The David Bowie Movie Maker
The Vacuum Beatin' Muthaz
Donated By Intel
Angry Irish aka Rampaging Scotsmen

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