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The first two milestones were done on an individual basis.

Group members

Anyway Squeaken is a financial planner/manager (sort of like Quicken only not as good).

We decided that it would be more productive if everyone had a hand in each milestone, rather then one person doing M1, another doing M2, etc...

We think this stragety worked out best, because when it came time to do M6, for example, (querying the database - more on that later) the people who were responisble for coding were semi-familiar with how the program was written, and therefore were able to (more) easily complete the milestone.

Here are our Milestone Pages:

These links contain all of our code for every milestone (the complete Squeaken project) To run the application: file in every file below, the in the workspace type: "Squeaken new open". Enjoy! P.S. feel free to use any of the code in YOUR project!

A Few Tips for future "Squeakers"

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