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Questions on Spring 2003 Milestone 7

How do you pronounce gnome, it pronounced gnome or gnome?
Nishant Mehta

I believe its prounounced ge-nome.

no, I believe its pronounced as "nome".


I think it should have been GEE-nome, but officially it's guh-NOME.

I pronounce it like "gnome" as in the little magical creatures of lore. However, things like "gaim" I pronounce with a hard "g". Chris Verges

GNOME stands for “GNU Network Object Model Environment”. GNU stands for “GNU's Not Unix”, and has always been officially pronounced “guh-NEW” to minimize confusion. Since GNU is GNOME's first name, GNOME is officially pronounced “guh-NOME”.
However, many people pronounce GNOME as just “NOME” (like those short people from legend), nobody will hurt you if you find this pronunciation easier.

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