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Bobo Hydro 3000

Group Members:

The Final Code

Squeak will continue on to the year 3000!!!


Squeaken allows users to manage and make intelligent analysis of their accounts (including and not limted to equity/bond accounts and cash instruments) with near realtime quotes(whatever data is available from internet source).


This project was broken down to 7 parts with each part indicated by milestones(M).

M1: Create a basic set of accounts
M2: Handle multiple users and portfolios, Create basic GUI
M3: Design System
M4: User Interface Design and Implementation
M5: Monitor/Track stock activity from Web
M6: Handle basic queries on system
M7: Web-Enable the application

Initially, we were all foreign to the SmallTalk/Squeak language. Honestly, we didn't even know how to make a morphic label on top of a box morph (to this day, some of our backend member still do not know how to code morphic objects). Well well as you guess it, after few sleepless nights, we finally got a pink box up that made everything pretty. So its not so bad... Only after we coded the entire basis of the system, we finally got some sleep. Goodnight CoC.

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