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Nishant Mehta

Hi everyone, my name is Nishant but you can call me Nishe (rhymes with quiche) or any other name ('yo', 'hey you', 'vincenzo', etc) to simplify things. If you've spotted me in the CoC commons then feel free to come up and ask questions about squeakish stuff. If I'm spaced out like in the photo below then you may have to throw a pen at me to get my attention.
Uploaded Image: mehtamphetaman.jpg

Who is this man
I'm a 4th year CS major specializing in AI, and I'll be out of here Spring 2005. I'm planning to go to either Boston (MIT) or Berkeley (Berkeley!) for grad school. In my free time I enjoy being witty, soccer, Family Guy, political discourse, and of course working on random AI stuff.

Email: (if its about 2340, put 2340 somewhere in the subject line)

Office Hours:
MWF 3-4, CoC Picnic basket area (CoC Commons)
Also set up appointments if you want to meet at another time.

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