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What do you think of SUnit?

What do you think of SUnit? Any tips on using it? Is it making your code more reliable, or is it all just quiche-eating? Would you rather test in some other fashion?

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Concurrency Issues

Many groups had concurrency issues. And they all have recomendations on how to solve this problem in their cases page. There are many solutions, but one element is common between all of them: plan on how to deal with the inevitable integration/concurrency issues before they happen!!!!!

Our solution was to assign each class to one person and disallow others form editing it, period. And we also used SUnit tests to regression test old code whenever new code was integrated. It really helped. At one point I broke my code and a teammates with a change that i forgot to tell my teamates about. SUnit helped us find the offending code in SECONDS FLAT with our tests.
-Unit Test as soon as possible. Unit testing is one of the last things you learn in class (in mine it was, at least), but one of the more important aspects of keeping bugs out of your code. Write them as soon and as often as possible. Though I know it's nearly impossible to crank out silly unit tests every ten minutes (they seem to take a proportionate amount of time... say... 100 times longer than actually writing the code), but they have real potential for saving you when you're up to Milestone 6, change a few lines of code, and everything breaks.

A good test plan is also very helpful. Our test plan was not very detailed, and I think if we had written out one that went over as much of the program as we could think of our SUnit tests would have been more complete.
Keyur Vimawala has some great tips on his personal page.

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