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Spring 2003 M7: Web-Enable the application


To acquaint students with the web capabilities of squeak/smalltalk and to introduce a design change.


Up until now, we have considered our application to be standalone. We would like to enable users to access some functionality via the web.

Specifically, we would like a user away from their squeak environment to be able to connect to the squeak PWS (or Comanche or other web server of your choice), and after being authenticated (you don't want just anyone viewing your financial data), the server should allow you to run M6 queries to get information about your financial status and display the results in a browser.

Turn-in your code using the Spring 2003 Turnin Information with the code 'M7'. Turn in your design in class.


Note: If the TAs can't figure out how to do these things, they don't have to give you. Your TA demo is a final demo of the full-up application to your TA. You will need to schedule this prior to the end of dead week.

Questions on Spring 2003 Milestone 7

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