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Spring 2004 TA Announcements

This is a place for announcements dealing with office hours, grading policies, and grade updates. The most recent announcements can be found at the top of the list.

I'll be having half office hours today, April 20th. I'll be in the CoC at 2:30. Sorry for any problems.

I will not be at office hours on Tuesday 13 Apr 2004. E-mail with questions. Chris Verges

i will not be able to make it to my office hours today, thursday, april 8. if anyone has any pressing questions, please email me. i can also be available on monday for anyone who needs to see me, again, jsut send me an email.

I will likely not be able to make my office hours today, Wednesday.

my apologies to anyone looking for me this morning, i was late to my office hours today by about 15 minutes because i was at a talk at tsrb. i can be available at 1:30 today to anyone who needs to meet with me urgently if you send me an email and let me know

I have a meeting with the Dean of Students from 1:30-2:30, so office hours are cancelled on Tuesday March 2. E-mail with questions or to set up a meeting. Chris Verges (2 March 2004)

I will likely be having a medical appointment during my office hours on Monday, March 1st. I am sorry for the inconvience.

sorry to those of you who have had trouble finding me during office hours recently. i have been working on a project for my digital video effects class in the new digital media lab (dml). for those of you who don't know where that is, there is a lovely map on my coweb page

Due to unforeseeable reasons, I will not be in my office hours for Monday, February 23. I apologize for the late notice.

ECoDE collaboration is now in place. See Getting Started with ECoDE for the latest code (v3.0.2). Some notes about collaboration:

I will not be able to attend office hours Feb 17 due to a scheduled interview. Any questions may be directed to and will be answered by midnight. Chris Verges 2/16/2004

i'm running rather late for my office hours today. i'll be at school asap, please email me if you need to set up a time tomorrow to meet with me. my apologies. -ellie 1.29.04

Please note that I've changed my office hours. Sorry for an inconviences. Chris Verges 1/26/2004

I've posted my office hours and a few things to keep in mind as you learn Squeak.

I've changed my office hours to the following times for the rest of the semester: wednesdays 1:30-3, thursdays 11-12.

I have changed my Monday/Friday office hours to 10 -11 for the rest of the semester. If this causes problems, e-mail me and we can set up an appointment.

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