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office hours and grading

Office Hours: M/F 1-3

There may be office hours that are manditory this semester, but I wanted to be more flexible with groups and students. When group projects start, I will post my class schedule to arrange a time that you guys will be able to meet. This is to ensure that I will not pick a time that is inconvienent for any student.

Spring Schedule


If you need a regrade for something, please email me with the title of the subject "M? regrade - ." This is just much easier to deal with and keep track of. I usually grade my milestones early.

If you are unable to submit something to the coweb for whatever reason, send it to me (princess@cc) with the subject "m? turnin." Also, be sure that this project was given to be before the deadline.

The specifics of each project will be clarified later in the semester, but I hope these policies help you.

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