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Bob Waters

I am Bob the merciless, evil instructor of the CoC. Rocketed to earth as a small infant, Bob learned through 20 years of experience in the military to be merciless, heartless and cruel–especially to students.

Seriously, I am on the instructional faculty in the CoC. I have a BS in CS from Murray State University, and an MS and Phd in CS from Georgia Tech. I retired from the Army in 1995, and am a graduate of the Command and General Staff College and the US Naval Test Pilot School. I mostly flew helicopters and light twin fixed-wing until the Army forced me to do something behind a desk (which not surprisingly involved computers).

My area of specialization is Software Engineering, and my dissertation research focused on recovery of architectural information from legacy systems – kind of a meld between Reverse Engineering and Software Architecture.

My favorite hobby is playing guitar. I have a Parker Fly with GK-3 that I play through a couple of synthesizers. I also have a McPherson acoustic (Cedar and Rosewood). Sometimes I play a little 5 string bass, and on really weird days I might play my dobro or banjo. I play lead guitar in my church's worship band.

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