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Tony Odubela (gte361y)Milestone1

M1 - Creating a Person

Guideline M1

The above link describes more about our Milestone1 requirements.


For this initial Milestone we had to design a person object that stores information about him/her self.
We had to keep track of the person's name, birthdate, sex and other misc. information.
The most time consuming part of this assignment for me was that we had provide a mechanism called visualize that allowed the person to be drawn to the screen with his complete information.
This was not that tough but a little time consuming since squeak was still a relatively new language to all of us.

Implementation, Design and Accomplishments:

The person class was not that difficult to create. Matter of fact there was not that much designing done on my part because the outline was so straght forward and there was too many things to worry about.
For instance we were only implementing the person's class that stored a small amount of infromation about itself.

Like i said earlier most of the challenge for me with the first assignment was just getting
confortable with squeak and its enviroment once you do that, squeak is relatively easy to use. A reccommendation for new users is to copy some of this codes
posted on these pages and run it to see what it does.

Improvements I could have Made:

Althoug it was not specified at the time i could have made several improvements that would later be useful. First of all i needed to create a printString method that returns all the information about a person. This was needed mainly for convenience but it would have been a sure way to test and make sure visually that every method was working correctly.
Secondly, it also became obvious that some type of family class was needed so that relations among each person could be easily specified. Although they are not required on the first Milestone i would encourage reading the specs for m2-m7 so that you don't end up with code that is useless at each milestone.

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