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Questions on Group Plan Milestone

See Spring 2000 Project Milestones – ask questions here:

An Idea:
Can we exchange our design with another group and critique each other's designs? I think this would be VERY helpful since on the midterm review, I was able to pick out other people's problems better than designing it myself...
Would it be possible for us to give our design to another group and have them give us their design? We could critique each other's work. If done properly, this could help both groups find their mistakes and help squash design flaws early. SO can we? huh? huh? huh? please? I'll never ask for anything else again? pretty please? with a cherry on top?
seriously.. if anyone wants to (after Mark approves, of course) please put a request at the bottom of our page. We have a swiki we can give you view access to so that you can view our design.
Lushi of The Quacked Clucking Amazers

For it:

  1. Lushi

Against it:

  1. Jennifer Raccuglia
  2. Matthew Wolenetz for the simple reason that in the real world, competing companies probably don't swap design strategies. This is an academic project, though, but maybe it should parallel business strategy as well?? My 2 cents :) Also, aren't we supposed to make flawed designs and then fix them after fully realizing what's wrong with them (hence, learn)?

I'm absolutely fine with groups critiquing one another...WEDNESDAY. I'll even create a page to do it on.

Read the Intro to my book. One of the cognitive theories of learning says that learning is driven by failure: You have to do something first before you can figure out what you've done wrong and before you can learn to do it right. That doesn't meant that I expect people to fail on Tuesday! But I do expect people to make mistakes – mistakes that a review might help with! I want people to DO it first – entirely, in all detail. And then we can do the reviewing of each other. Make sense? Mark Guzdial

Is there any atomicity in Squeak that we can depend on?

We (Squeak Times) are having a problem with thinking about how to design a race-condition free deadline implementation for our Squeak newspaper. In an over-simplified case, suppose an editor has a deadline for when a section of articles needs to be completely retrieved (written by reporters). There are several ways of doing this in squeak, but all the ways we thought of involve a "terminate" message being sent to the reporters-article-generation "process". Suppose an article was in the middle of being added to a collection when the deadline hit and the "terminate" message was sent. Is there any guarantee in squeak regarding the status of the collection that was being added to? (We don't care if the new article isn't added at all, but could it be partially added? Could the collection be entirely screwed up (half-way copied to a larger memory area??)) Matthew Wolenetz

There are Semaphores and the like documented in the Goldberg book. Mark Guzdial

What kind of detail are we looking for in the definitions of team member responsibilities. Approximately how long should it be, same goes for the timeline.

Give me the level of detail that you can actually use to assign and check responsibilities, and assign and check that things are being done on schedule during the rest of the term. Mark Guzdial

I'm confused about the milestones. The final milestone (the very last one) indicates that the turnin code for it is "P6". Maybe I'm counting wrong, but shouldn't it be "P7"?
Matthew Wolenetz

It should be P6. The milestone due on March 3rd is P3, and there are two milestones in between that and the final turnin. The milestone due Feb. 22nd is a pre-P3 milestone. Rajib Quayum

Ok, just checking:
Tree Milestone = P1
UI Design Milestone = P2
Group Plan Mileston = NO P#??
Linear News Display Milestone (Mar 3) = P3
Mar 24 Milestone = P4
Apr 6 Milestone = P5
Final Milestone (Apr 21) = P6
Matthew Wolenetz

Yup. Looks correct to me. Rajib Quayum

Double yup. I'm assigning P's to code turnin. You have no code turning for the design. Mark Guzdial

plan a group sex party

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