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Team Studlier

Team Studlier:

To get to any of our code goto Team Studlier

Helpful hints learned over a semester of long nights stressing.

1) Alt-Period to break out of infinite loops the worst thing was early on getting in some stupid loop and not being able to get out of it.
2) Saved After every major code change. It only takes a couple of seconds, and it will save you when for whatever reason squeak crashes on you (which will happen a lot),
3) Do not wait until the last night! Getting it done is so much easier if you at least have a good base done going into the last night.
4) Learn your way around squeak early, a good understanding of squeak early on will be necessary later.
5) Check on your teammates. Do not just assume that if you assign them a task that they will get it done. Even if you do all of your work perfectly, and come to the integration meeting ready to be done in a couple of hours; all it takes is one incomplete part of code to make you stay up all night.


M2 Case

M3 Case

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