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Team Up All Night

This is the cases page for Team Up All Night.
While we stayed true to our team name the night before each milestone was due, our first recommendation is to not plan on staying up all night and starting early!!!! We could always get the major stuff working, but do not have as much neat stuff as we would have liked.

To view our code go to TEAM UP ALL NIGHT

Helpful Hints:
1) alt replaces ctrl in squeak, almost everything you do with ctrl in a windows environment can be done with alt in squeak. To my knowledge, there is no global replace feature, a poor design feature in squeak, if i was better at coding it, i would have added one.

2) NEVER PRESS Ctrl-c as it will turn all of your temp variables into t1, t2, etc... and remove all of your comments. This is especially annoying for long complicated functions. Your best plan of action should you do this is to immediately press alt-z, or exit the function without saving.

3) Use alt-period to break an infinite loop.

4) SAVE OFTEN - it seams that squeak enjoys locking up on you when you are running code, or even sometimes when you are not, alt-period will break infinite loops, but sometimes the problems aren't with your loops and massive chunks of code can be lost.

5) You may be wondering if you can toggle like you can in windows using alt-tab and such, to my knowledge you cannot, but if you find a way, let me know. That in and of itself is probably the worst feature of squeak.

6) Alt-Shift-i is a great feature, it allows you to explore a variable and see all of the fields it contains. It is great for testing and even lets you see objects that an object contains and all of its variables recursively down. Use it in your workspace or when in the debugger. We even managed to make use of it in our project. (See explore on the main GeneologyMap). To use the same feature within code, use the line "Object explore."

Using Class Variables

Geneology Milestone Specifications

Our Thought Processes

Milestone1 was just designing a storage class, and therefore does not warrant it's own page. If you don't know this yet, read the book.
Milestone3 - Design
Milestone5 - Web crawling and parsing
Milestone7 - Tree merging

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