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Milestone 5 case study.

works well with others

Project Description


The purpose of this milestone was to be able to grab certain
information from specific websites. Our project required that we
parse information about an individual in our family tree. Our
group decided on the birth date/location and the death
date/location as the two pieces of information. We also decided on and as
the two sites used to extract the information from. We chose these
sites based upon the fact that they use tables to view the
information which made it easier to parse.


For our design we decided on a simple approach that fit into what
we already implemented for the past milestones. When a family
memeber (star) is right-clicked the star menu appears, so we added
the option 'Web Search' which gave the user four options: search for
birth date, death date, birth location, or death location. We felt
that this was the best idea seeing the user (TA) would be already
comfortable with the 'Star Menu'.

Uploaded Image: starmenu.JPG

Once results are found they are displayed like so...

Uploaded Image: searchresults.JPG

Once a result is select the family member's info is updated.

Uploaded Image: updated.JPG

Personal Thoughts:

My personal impression of this assignment was fairly
straight-forward and easy. Although it does take some time to
find where the information you want is.

Hints and Tips:

Tip 1
Use sites that sort the material with tables.
It makes parsing the information a whole lot easier.

Tip 2
Inspect will become your best friend.
Use it to navigate the values of the parsed information to find
what you are looking for.

Tip 3
If you are going NetNameResolver to check the connection you must
initialize the network by adding Socket initializeNetwork before
the NetNameResolver call.

Here is our code...

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