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Milestone 2 case study.

works well with others

Project Description


The purpose of this milestone was to provide the genealogy software with a way to check for missing vital information, check for contradictions and conflicts in vital information. It would also enamble the user to automatically connect mirror and transitive information. One more usefull feature is added in this milestone: the ability to search based on various criteria.


Method check was added to the Person class. It handles checking and connecting information. A Query class was created to handle searches. Using a global variable People in the person class, Query was able to find all people that match the given criteria (needed for a global search), searchFor: method in Person refined the results to only those related to the given individual.


There was a lot of initial confusion about the check method. Questions came up concering polygamy, minimum ages for parents, non-traditional marriages and all kinds of other fun stuff. The choices were to either allow the user more freedom (who knows what kind of families we have out there), or to make the program more strict and to consider more things inadmissible. The choice was made towards more lenient. The only strict checks would be the ones based on dates (i.e. mothers can't die before children are born etc.).

See the files in following milestones for code

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