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Team JigaWhaaaa

Our project this semester was to create a program that would allow a user to input their Genealogy Infomation, through the User Interface, through a command line, or by importing a GEDCOM file, where GEDCOM is a genealogy specific file format for storing information on families. Below are links to the various pieces of our program, and the stories to go with them. Enjoy.

Jiggawhat Milestone 3 - Designing the entire program.

JigaWhaaa Milestone 4 - Creating the user interface. We also completely rewrote our backend using our Milestone 3 design at this stage.

Jiggawhat Milestone 5 - Searching the Internet to find and add information about a person that is already stored in our program.

Jiggawhat Milestone 6 - Importing and Exporting GEDCOM files.

Jiggawhat Milestone 7 - Opening multiple family trees and merging people from those trees.

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