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~Milestone Seven

Project Goal:
Be able to view multiple Geneology Maps and merge/unmerge them together.

Project Specifications:

Project Visualization:
(inspecting the similarity rating of two people)
Uploaded Image: merge.jpg

Our Thoughts:
There are several requirements to this section of the project. The first requirement was very simple, viewing two trees/maps at once simply involved making a new class MergePane that extended our GeneologyMap class. All the pre-existing functionality of displaying and modifying people was still there and the new requirements only took a minimal amount of time to implement.
Probably the 2nd most advantageous situation durring this phase of the project was the fact that our level of compfort and familiarity with our code and the Squeak environment was at it's highest. This allowed us to be more efficient with our time and achieve more.
This phase of the program did take the most planning though. There were enough new concepts that needed to be implemented that a thought-out gameplan was needed more than before. In order to correctly handle the way merging would affect relationships, the way it would need to combine data and the way it would have to be undone were the major dificulties. A rough outline of our thinking behind each is listed below in the Tips section.

Our Files:
M7 Code
M7 CRC Cards
M7 UML Diagrams

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