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Team Asterisk - M5 Case Study

Milestone 5: Automatically gather genealogical information

For milestone 5 we made additions to the Genealogy user interface we created in milestone 4. We were given several options for which type of information we would search for and provide automatically. These options included the following:
We decided to help provide birth date and location and death date and location because this is information that many people do not know when they are compiling all of the information for their family’s genealogy. We searched the following online genealogical databases to find missing information for births and deaths.

The Social Security Death Index – (death date and location)
User Database Deaths - (death date and location)
User Database Births - (birth date and location)
User Database Obituaries - (death date and location)

Our Approach

For our design we chose to create a Search object that would hold the information regarding the person to search for, the type of search (birth or death information), and the results of the search. For each database, we created a Connection that initialized the HTTP Socket and handled any network errors. The Search would initiate the query for each Connection, then pass the data to the GenealogyParser which parsed the information to retrieve any usable results. These results were passed back to the PopupListWindow in our GenealogyMap that would display the results to the user. The user then chooses the correct result (if any) and the data is populated automatically for the user.

The Design

What Went Well

The design for our project seemed to work very well, and handled any errors with the network or the website gracefully. It also integrated nicely with our existing user interface. We simply performed a check for missing birth date or location and death date or location and provided a button respectively for the user the initiate the automatic query process. It also helps take some of the work off of the person compiling the genealogical data because it will help them find missing information automatically.

Final Files

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