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Automatically gather genealogical information from online databases. For this milestone, we chose to auto-complete birth and death dates and locations. Our two websites were and

For the GUI part of this milestone, we decided to have a user-friendly drop-down menu in which the user can choose which website he/she would like to gather information from. In addition, the next option is that the user can choose which name he/she would like to fill in information for. The following is an example of the GUI implementation for this milestone.

Uploaded Image: fillinmenu1.jpg

This is an example of the first drop-down menu, where the user can choose which website to gather info from.

Uploaded Image: fillinmenu2.jpg

This is an example of the second drop-down menu, where the user can choose which person to fill in the info for.

This milestone was one of our favorites because we were able to incorporate our project with a real-world database, thus we felt that our project was actually useful. In addition, this milestone was fun because we could use the online database to enhance our genealogy map.
Some problems that we encountered during this milestone was:
1) sometimes the server would be down due to heavy usage by our 2340 class.
2) we neglected to check for duplication of the same person in the second drop-down menu.

The following are the files that we submitted to our TA.
Uploaded Image: M5-uml.jpg

M5-uml descrp.doc
M5-scenarios.doc this zip file contains all the necessary .st files needed to run our code for m5

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