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Building a morphic interface. For this implementation, we chose to be a little creative and used headMorphs. These nice graphical representation of people in our GenealogyMap are similar to the graphics used for SouthPark characters.

For this project, we have implemented two user-friendly drop-down menus. One menu is the "Beginning menu", which is the global and main menu for tasks such as creating people and querying(livedIn, livedOn, and a general search for option). The create person form has click on capability for editing the person's info. The gender of a person is implemented through two radio buttons, thus forcing the user to choose a gender for the person. The birth and death months and dates are implemented through drop-down menus with choices for the possible information. As for the second menu, we have the possible menu options for the individual person such as visualize, modify, check, create relation,etc. The following is an example of the GUI implementation for this milestone.

Uploaded Image: guimenus.jpg

This is an example of the two drop-down menus. In addition, it also includes the create person form with the drop-down menu for the death and birth dates and months.

Uploaded Image: visualize.jpg

This is an example of the visualization for a family. The main person is centered in the middle, while the parents are shown above, the spouse on the right, siblings on the left, and children below.

This was by far our favorite milestone because we were finally able to present our genealogy map in a graphical way. Our usage of headMorphs made our genealogy map extremely fun and interesting. In addition, our implementation of balloonMorphs and drop-down menus further enhanced the creative aspect of our project.

The following are the files that we submitted to our TA.

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