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Uploaded Image: oh.jpg The programmers:
Beylul Bahta(
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Interesting Stuff

Uploaded Image: greenberet.jpgThe Project:
The purpose of our project for this semester is to create a Genealogy Map that has multi-functions. The following is a break-up of each milestone and the purpose and functionality of each.

Milestone 2: GenealogyMap has to be able to handle, correct, and support a correct genealogy.

Milestone 3: Designing and planning the structure of the rest of our GenealogyMap.

Milestone 4: Building a morphic interface. For this implementation, we chose to be a little creative and used headMorphs. These nice graphical representation of people in our GenealogyMap are similar to the graphics used for SouthPark characters.

Milestone 5: Automatically gather genealogical information from online databases. For this milestone, we chose to auto-complete birth and death dates and locations. Our two websites were and

Milestone 6: Support standard interchange formats. For this milestone, the purpose was to create the ability to save and open files in GEDCOM format. Our implementation allows the user to choose a file to import from the files that are located in the current hard drive. In addition, the user can specify a file name to export the Genealogy Map to.

Milestone 7: Merge and unmerge genealogy maps! Also, give a matching score report and let the user choose on which matches to merge.

Uploaded Image: afro.jpgOur Presentation:

The Milestones:






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