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M2 - Automatic relations creation and Querying

Guideline M2

The above link will take you to the project description for milestone 2.




The design of our M2 can be seen below in the UML Diagram:
Uploaded Image: cs2340m2UML2.gif

An example visualization of the check method that we wrote in this milestone can be seen below:
Uploaded Image: visualCheck.gif
The following images show example visualizations and outputs for global queries that we implemented:
Uploaded Image: globalQ.gif
This is the "Lived in Place..." query as an example of a global query:
Uploaded Image: globalQ3.gif
And the output of queries is displayed in the following manner:
Uploaded Image: globalQ2.gif

Person-based queries can be initiated from the specifi person menu as shown below:
Uploaded Image: PersonalQ1.gif
Uploaded Image: PersonalQ2.gif

The other files required for this assignment were Class and Method Descriptions, which can be found below:


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