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~Milestone Five

Project Goal:
Allow a user to gather personal data about person from the web, and fill it in on the GenealogyMap.

Project Specifications:

Project Visualization: (auto-completing the birthdate/deathdate of a person)
Uploaded Image: webcomplete.jpg

Our Thoughts:
M5 was where it all came together. Our GUI from the previous milestone was there, but it really started to shine through by this time. Parsing the websites was not too bad at all, but proved to be slightly time consuming when actually trying to find the right piece of information on the website.

There are two tidbits to remember. The first is that when dealing with various online sources, that each source may have different requirements for getting their information. In our case, a great deal of the genaeology websites required a registered account to gain access to their information. This is quite a hassle.
The 2nd tidbit is to remember that when dealing with online data that even the strictest formating requirements for data and files will almost never be followed. We had a problem where the website would have invalid information for the dates individuals were born. The invalid information threw errors initially because Squeak's date object could not handle receiving something like 'aaaaaa' as a date. Remember to treat everything you parse as potentially invalid information and to implement error handling in your code.

Our Files:
M5 Code
M5 CRC Cards
M5 UML Diagrams

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