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~Milestone Three

Project Goal:
Design the entire Genealogy program.

Project Specifications:

Our Thoughts:
This milestone was definitely an important one. The next few milestones rested on much of the work we had done in this one, but unfortunately, our program had changed so much by the last few milestones, that we didn't even look at most of our design from this milestone towards the latter part of the semester. Designing the entire project in advance was definitely a good thing; obviously we needed a vision to work towards, but the main recommendation is to schedule another redesign about 2/3 the way through all the projects to just reevaulate your design, and make the necessary adjustments, so everyone keeps with the same team vision. Looking back, perhaps the primary reason we had to change our design so much is because we knew so little about Squeak overall at that time.

Our Files:
M3 CRC Cards
M3 UML Diagrams

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