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M1 - Creating a Person

Guideline M1

The above link describes more about our Milestone1 requirements.


To design a storage unit called "A person is the fundamental unit that the entire project would be centered around. It is also supposed to be the most basic data storage unit.

Implementation, Design and Accomplishments:

The person was mostly a simple class to create. There weren't many difficulties, and all the methods and selectors for this class were already defined.

Most of this milestone's challenge was in simply orienting ourselves with Squeak. Also, since Teams had yet to be formed, everyone's M1 was virtually identical. We ended up using Nimish's M1 classes, In particular, the Person class) for our subsequent milestones, because he had a seperate marriage class which all of us felt was a good idea. This marriage class basically holds a spouse along with the marriage date and divorce date of the two people. Each person has a marriage object which holds this information for him. This class can be found here:

The other class that all of us had was the Person class, which performed all the other functions (of storing the person's name, and other relation information like Mother, Father, etc.). This class can be found below:

PS: Both of the classes above were updated and modified in later milestones for incorporating additional functionality - I am attaching the latest modified classes here and not the original ones that we had when we did M1 in order to be consistent with the rest of the project.

Here you will find some workspace code to test these classes:


Each one of us managed to successfully create a Person class and instantiate Person objects able to hold the information specified.

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