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Monkeys with Vertigo 6

     This milestone proved to be a little frustrating... We 
attempted to use the all-mighty T-Gen.  It ended up being just an 
attempt.  We still do not know why it would not work. 
   However, after messing with T-Gen for a week or so we finally gave up
on it and decided to build our very own "GizmoParser".  It was a painful
time of dusting off old CS2130 books and reading up on grammars and such
horrible things from long ago.  Soon enough we had our litle parser 
happily going through GEDCOM files and building the family relationships
and filling in all relevant information.
    When we started working on exporting our trees to files we lost 
contact with eachother for a few days -- a very bad thing -- and Dino 
and Scott coded the same thing twice -- the export to GEDCOM code.  We 
re-used Trayton's "export (to Transcript)" code that he hacked up for a 
previous milestone. It turned out to be a trivial task since Trayton 
figured out all the details earlier (behold the power of open source!).
Our code is presented here for your ultimate viewing pleasure. 

Monkeys with Vertigo M6

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