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Monkeys with Vertigo 4

This was the "fun" milestone.  We concluded that Morphic
does have a lot of stuff built-in and is fairly easy to get a hang
     Scott and Trayton stayed up all night before the deadline and 
coded their eyes out.  As you all probably know from your personal
experience(s), when people stay up all night coding, the end result is 
not something to be proud of.  However, these two excellent coders and
firm believers in the power of caffeine, came up with an interface 
that earned us yet another high A!  Dino, at a later date, presented
his girlfriend, who is not a CS major, with this marvelous interface
and asked her to build her own family tree.  One minute later she was
typing & clicking away and soon her tree was complete.
Scott and Trayton analysed a number of self-crafted algorithms for 
displaying information on the screen in a user-friendly manner and if
we may say did a splendid job!  The code provided at the 
Monkeys with Vertigo M4
 page, will fire up the interface.  Just copy the entire
page contents into a file, "file it in", and execute
"GenealogyMap new open" from Workspace and you too can enjoy the
products of these two marvelous coders' hard work.

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