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Milestone Five

Fall2002 M5 - Automatically gather genealogical information

Initial notes

Considering the Requirements and Developing a Design

doc := HTTPSocket httpGetDocument: theUrl args: theArgs.

Tackling the parsing

contents := doc contents.
parsed := HtmlParser parse: contents.

Finishing up

"Make sure we're connected to the internet"
Socket initializeNetwork.
netStatus := NetNameResolver addressForName: '' timeout: 15.
(netStatus isNil) ifTrue: [ PopUpMenu notify: 'Unable to connect to online genealogy databases.', nl, 'Please check your internet connection and try again.'. results add: 'failure'. ^results.]

"Test code with goal: Try to break the parser"
theUrl := ''.
theArgs add: (Association key: 'hl' value: (Array with: 'en' )); add: (Association key: 'q' value: (Array with: 'lauren')).

The finished product:

So, that's the basics of how we completed Milestone 5. The project is linked to below for your viewing pleasure.

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