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Group Members

Program Description

The project for fall 2002 has been a Genealogy Program that after all milestones, meets the following requirements:

Fall2002 M3 did not involve any actual coding. For that milestone, we had to create a final design.


Milestone 2 Case Page
Milestone 3 Case Page
Milestone 4 Case Page
Milestone 5 Case Page
Milestone 6 Case Page

Final Files

Overall Conclusion and Suggestions for Future Students

This semester has really allowed us to realize the advantages of putting effort into the design of a project, as it makes things much smoother further down the road.

Also, splitting up the workload by milestone is not the best way to do it. Ideally, every group member would work on every milestone. Unfortunately, because of classes and other responsiblities, its hard to do that.

The TA's are quite helpful for this course, so if you are just starting your semester with squeak, be sure to talk to your TA about your grades, and communicate with them so that you know exactly what your specific TA is looking for. Your grade is entirely up to your TA, as there is no specific, set grading system as there is in other CS classes. Some TA's will look for things that others will not, so talking with your TA about what they want can really help. Also, the TA's are pretty knowledgable with Squeak, so if Squeak is doing something crazy you just do not understand, be sure to ask them.

You are given 2 weeks to do each milestone, it would be to your benefit to at least work on each milestone a little bit the first week. We often waited until week 2, and had to cram in a lot of hours right at the end. Giving yourself more time will allow you to test and polish your projects before submitting them.

The last bit of wisdom we picked up, was if you embrace smalltalk, and take advantage of the classes and constructs of the language, you will realize just how powerful it can be, and your code will be far more efficient and less prone to bugs. Especially with Collection objects, the methods smalltalk has for manipulating collections are quite powerful, and allow you to do heavy work without having to keep track of indexes.

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