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This milestone required a lot of time and work. We practically went from brainstorming to actually getting all the functionality working within one milestone. Some good advice would be to get a head start on this milestone before you actually have to start working on it because it does require a lot of work and is very time consuming. A major setback with this milestone is that we couldnít test our code to see if it actually worked because we had no graphic user interface. It was very convenient to not be penalized for it not being complete by the due date as long as it was working by the time we demoed it. If you came up with a good design through brainstorming with class diagrams, sequence diagrams, software architecture and trust boundaries, you will find that it helped because you have the general outline of it mapped out. One very important thing to remember is to make sure to get into the habit of commenting all your code (variables, methods, classes, etc.). It is easy to forget about commenting when you are focusing on getting the functionality working, but you will lose points if you forget to comment anything, so make sure you always comment! Again, work together as a team so the load isnít mainly on one or a few members! We ended up doing really well on this milestone.

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