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The Requirements:

Spring 2003 M4: User Interface Design and Implementation

Ahh the birth of Squeaken. This Milestone proved to be the most challanging for a few reasons. First off, it was the first group coded milestone, therefore we had to decide how we were going to keep eachother updated with fresh code. We began using CVS, but it seemed to get out of hand too easily, so we switched to email ;) Next, it was simply a BIG milestone that required a lot of code. Fineally, it was due the Tuesday after spring break. (This actually turned out to work to our advantage - more on that later).

How we did it

If we could do it again we'd...

The Result

As it turnes out, Bob gave an extension on this milestone 2 hours before it was due on Tuesday morning. However, he offered extra credit to those groups that turned in the milestone on the actual due date. Since we had stayed up all night the evening before the milestone was due, we were prepared to turn it in on the due date. We demoed the milestone to our TA and got a 95.

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