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Monkeys with Vertigo

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Group Members:


To develop a genealogy application that would perform the folowing operations.


This semester we had to build a "limited" Genealogy Application. It proved
to be – at least for our group – not very hard. The key to success was
continous dialog between the three of us. We kept in touch through IM,
meetings, and telephone conversations.
The first milestone was coded individually and was designed to get us
familiar with Squeak – or Smalltalk – syntax and Squeak's not-so-famous
interface. The acctual coding of the assignment turned out to be a little more
chalenging than it needed to be – we thought. The visualize method proved
to be fairly complicated to code taking into account our limited – at the time –
knowledge of Squeak and all the wonderful, pre-packaged, and bult-in
functionalities of Squeak.
All the rest of the milestones were group work. We found it very helpful
to appoint a team leader of a kind for each milestone. The team leader was in
charge of figuring out what was included in Squeak that was relevant to the
upcoming milestone and how to use it in advance. This way, once we were ready
to code the milestone, we did not have to re-invent the wheel and a 5-minute
team-meeting would bring everyone up-to-speed.
The third milestone did not require any coding but proved to be the most
important one. For this milestone we had to DESIGN the application and
all of the functionalities upfront. We follwed the process described in detail
at lecture and came up with a design that earned us an A.
As a conclusion to this fairly long and boring introduction we would like
to say that we enjoyed the class – except for the part where the asignments
would change a few days before they were due and after we had finished them.
The Key to success is to find group members that are as determined to do a good job as you
are yourself. Good luck to any of you that are just learning about the
wonderful world of Smalltalk-80!


The official descriptions of the milestones can be found at the link below.
Fall 2002 Project Milestones

We tried to capture our progress gradually and explain it the same way.
Monkeys with Vertigo 1
Monkeys with Vertigo 2
Monkeys with Vertigo 3
Monkeys with Vertigo 4
Monkeys with Vertigo 5
Monkeys with Vertigo 6
Monkeys with Vertigo 7

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