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Errata and How-To for Squeak

The info on line endings is now on the Squeak FAQ page

Here you will find some common Squeak problems and (with any luck) fixes for them. If you have problems, contact a TA or the Prof...if it seems like a common occurance amongst most groups, you'll find the fix here shortly thereafter!


My group has problems e-mailing code amongst each other – filein stops working. How do I fix it?

The problem seems to be in the way different operating systems handle newlines in text files. There is no known fix for this in the Squeak image, so a workaround has been discovered.

Using e-mail/ftp to transfer .st files:
ZIP the .st file(s) prior to sending them over the internet. E-mail clients/servers will sometimes transfer the attachments as plaintext, resulting in a stripping of the DOS-based newlines required for Squeak. If you decide to transfer the file to an FTP server, DO NOT USE ASCII MODE. You MUST use BINARY mode to keep the structure of the file completely intact.

Using a web server to transfer .st files:
The file must be saved with DOS-based newlines and placed on the webserver with these newlines intact. When a web client downloads these files, it needs to "SAVE TARGET AS" or some comparable method. If you open the file, it will download it as a MIME text/plain...the browser sometimes inserts its own newlines in place of the DOS ones upon a "SAVE" or "SAVE AS". This could result in stripping the DOS-based newlines on some nix-based machines.

Using AIM/ICQ to transfer .st files:
The transfer is known to work between Windows AIM/ICQ clients only. They employ a binary transfer method that is similar to BINARY mode in FTP. Transfer amongst different operating systems may result in random behavior, so don't try it unless you KNOW it works.