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Fall2002 Midterm 2 Review: Parsing

a. Recursive descent parsing-

Transcript show: 'Expression'; cr.
self factor.
(scanner peek = '+')
ifTrue: [Transcript show: '+'; cr.
scanner advance.
self expression].

Transcript show: 'Factor'; cr.

c. It has no look-ahead? Can someone confirm this?

c. I don't think lookahead has anything to do with it, since it just returns all tokens found. You can do lookahead if you want. For one thing I am pretty sure you have to use ' ' as the delimiter, which would restrict you if you were parsing something that didn't use strictly spaces as dilimiters. I mean the basic problem is that you can not express how it will recognize tokens. c++; would come out has 'c++;' it wouldn't see it as 'c', '+', '+', ';' or 'c', '++', ';'. Same thing for 5+5. It would see that as '5+5'.

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