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Question 4(Design and CRC)

(a) (6) What are CRC Cards? At what point in your design process do you use them?

2 points: what CRC stands for
2:points: each card represents a class and has information about that class
2 points: CRC cards are used in the OOA phase

(b) (6) You’re reviewing a set of CRC Cards for a fellow object-oriented designer who’s working on an inventory control system. You see the classes: Item, WarehouseLocation, LinkedListOfShelves, Supplier, Shipper. What do you immediately point out as a flaw in his cards?

6 points: LinkedListOfShelves is a lousy class, because it is implementation-oriented rather than being problem-oriented. (Or we don't talk about data structures during analysis.)

(c) (8) Explain how to use the information on CRC cards to find equivalence classes in the input data. Describe how these equivalence classes are useful in the testing process.

2 points: identify inputs and input conditions based on the responsibilities of each class for handling interaction with a user
2 points: identify equivalence classes within the space of possible inputs based on the input conditions
2 points: equivalence classes are used to define test cases
2 points: equivalence classes limit the number of test cases needed by allowing a single case to represent all of the data values in the class

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